Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stored in the heart

I went to visit my mom in the memory care unit on Tuesday. She has been there a week and seems to be adapting well. Actually better than I anticipated. When I arrived, the residents were sitting in their chairs in the activity room, waiting for the chaplain to come. He came in and asked for favorite song requests. It was sweet to hear their quiet voices sing or hum along. Few could actually read the words from the songbooks. Then the chaplain led a prayer and led way to the Lord's Prayer. Again, they followed along in unison. He talked to them and quoted John 3:16, to which most joined in and recited with him. He led Psalm 23 and I was amazed at the amount of participation there was.

When on my way home, I marveled at how these sweet little folks who many would not be able to tell you what they had for breakfast, were quoting scriptures and singing songs that are etched on their hearts from long ago. How does the brain work that things you learn early in life can come back with such recall when the rest of your memory is gone? It makes me think on the importance of teaching our little ones about the Bible and teaching them truths that will stay with them forever. One day it will still be on their hearts and in their souls.

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