Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life in a Box

We moved my mom to a memory care facility this week. It is the best place for her as even the simple activities of daily living have become a challenge for her. Although it is hard to see her dignity gone, what a blessing to know that she is being cared for in ways that she could not be at home.

As we looked through her closet, we came across a large banker's box full of financial papers and documents. I brought it home with me to begin the shredding process. My mom was an administrative assistant to a CEO and her skills became very evident as I pulled out envelope after envelope of detailed, organized recordkeeping. It began in 1952 when she graduated from high school to 2004. Every appliance she has purchased had a sales receipt, along with an owners manual. Several accidents she has had were detailed in manilla envelopes, along with pictures of the car, accident history, medical receipts, etc. I learned things about my mom that I have never known. She started her career at IPL making $4700 in the early 1960s, raising me as a single mom without child support. When she retired in the 1990s, her income had risen to a wonderful salary for a single woman. The checkbooks detailed what ministries she supported each month and what generous gifts she gave to support the Lord's work. Although I knew she supported ministries, I had no idea what she was giving away each month.

As I finished the shredding today, I thought about her "life in a box." What that box told about her life. And I wondered what my daughters will find about my life one day as they go through "my box." One thing for sure, I have a long way to go to be as detailed and organized as my mom! But my hope is that they will be blessed in what they learn on the pages in that box. I sure have been blessed today recalling my mom's life and how she has lived it well.

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  1. Nanny certainly has left us a wonderful legacy! You are a wonderful daughter and mom. I know this has been very tough on you but you have handled it with grace and compassion. I love you so much.