Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrating 60 years of marriage

Today would have been the 60th wedding anniverary of Ray and Shirley Cluxton, my in-laws.  Mom was 18, Dad was 21 when they got married.  Rather unexpectedly, Dad passed away on April 12.  Plans were in the works for the celebration of their 60th.  It seems fitting to talk about their love today.  Mom recently showed us a note he had written her on March 19, their first date anniversary.  He was a romantic - even at 60 years!  He told her of his love for her and talked about that first date.  At 81, he was still pampering Mom and treating her like a princess.  I have talked about this before on the blog, but on Valentine's Day this year, Mom spelled "I Love You" in his Cheerios for breakfast.  We hardly ever heard a cross word between them - not that they were perfect, just didn't let things get to them.  Their love and respect for one another was evident to all - and we all are better for having their example of marriage to model. 

Today as I think of Mom and Dad's anniversary, it makes me want to try harder to think of my mate and his needs - to go the extra mile to let him know how special he is - and to not take him for granted.  Wouldn't marriages across the country be better for that example?


  1. What a wonderful thing to post about... My husband's parents are celebrating their 50th later this year... There truly are some "happily ever afters" out there.

  2. Sheri-

    It warms my heart when we see so few models for marriage. What ever happened to growing old together? Congratulations to your in-laws on their 50th. It is a remarkable feat and one to be praised!

  3. Hi Vicki~ I'm so glad you commented on my blog post today. I prayed for you as I read it and will ask the Lord to remind me to pray for you. Thank you for what you shared.

    And what a blessing to have inlaws that love each other (and you) so much! I'm thinking that God still has lots to say through you on your blog. ;-)

    Much love to you, Vicki~