Friday, February 12, 2010

Ellie Kate Hart!

She emerged into our lives today in literally a minute. Her surgery was at 07:30 and at 07:31, she was born. If only the rest of her life she can be this timely, she will be doing great! Ellie Kate has captured our hearts as we have waited on her for so long. One of the great mysteries of life is how we can so deeply love a little one whom we haven't met yet. But there she was, I took one look and loved her with all of my being. I am hopelessly smitten by all of my grandchildren. And they know it! One of the joys of grandparenting. The greatest gift I can give them is praying for them (and their parents) daily.

I'd love to hear about your relationship with your grandchildren and what special things you to with them, or what your grandparents did with you that is a special memory.

NOTE: I wasn't blogging when my other grandchildren were born, but undoubtedly I would have said the same things about them! All are so precious to me!


  1. Congrats!! I know my grandmother adores her great-grandkids. Grandma has set a great example of how to love Jesus and others. My mom loves her grand-kids so much too, she spoils them silly and drives over an hour just to watch them play whatever sport they are involved in.

  2. As grandmothers, we have more time (or at least are supposed to!) to spoil and do the silly things like driving to sports events and cheering on our favorite little ones. There is nothing like knowing that your grandma (and grandpa)are crazy about you! It is really a gift from the Lord!

  3. Ifound your post on the LPM blog and your answer resonated with my fears. I am also "Mimi" to 7. Congrats on your new grandchild. I love mine excessively and to pieces!! My sister used to live in Ft. Wayne so that is what also caused me to take notice of your blog. I have blogged for five years and do it almost everyday. I love to read other blogs to-what a nice surprise to come upon yours.