Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tribute to my daughters

I have been thinking a lot lately about motherhood. My friend, Diann, has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We had a conversation about how she should talk about it with her daughter, who was taking the news very hard. They have a special relationship. They enjoy their relationship as mom and daughter, but they are friends as well. It has made me think about my daughters and our relationship.

As in most families, our two daughters are alike in some ways and very different in others. Both girls are beautiful, inside and out. Both are kind and compassionate. Both are smart and funny.

Emily, our firstborn, has always been the social butterfly of the family. She can make friends riding on the elevator in a department store. That same charisma and care of other human beings is one of the beautiful qualities about her. She is a friend to young and old and has a deep love and compassion for those less fortunate.

Mindy, our younger daughter, also fits the stereotypical secondborn. Unlike her older sister, friendships aren't formed on elevators or in mall playgrounds. She is very discerning and more tenative until a proven track record is established. Yet she is the most loyal friend you will ever have once that trust is established. Mindy has always added the magic of laughter to our family. Some of the best family times are spent recalling funny stories and humorous moments from Mindy's perspective.

It is a joy to see the girls as wives and moms. It is no surprise to me that they have become wonderful women. They delight my heart to see their love for the Lord, for their husbands, and their children. I cherish them as my daughters and as friends. I loved being their mom as they were growing up, and I now love being their friend as well. There isn't a better feeling!

No matter our age, our relationship with our moms is important. My mom has early dementia. Because of her memory loss or altered mental state, we don't have the quality of conversations we have had in the past. I long for the conversations that we will probably never have again. I am thankful for the cherished memories of special times we shared. It makes me also aware that I need to make the most of my time for we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Life can change in an instant - live and love without regrets.

A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future. ~Author Unknown

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Mom. I love you very much and am so thankful for the relationship and friendship that we share. I hope that Ellie Kate and I will share a similar bond. As the youngest I'm sure she will be quite similar to her mother! Look out!! :)