Friday, December 11, 2009


What a blessing I had yesterday to share a cup of tea and piece of pie with a dear friend. She has recently had an answer to a prayer that she has prayed for over 14 years! Hallelujah! I have been her prayer partner for many years and have joined her in asking the Father for an answer to her heart's cry. As I sat chatting with her, the restaurant and people around us seemed to disappear as our world became two dear friends whose hearts the Lord has connected. Over the years of our friendship, we have prayed for one another's families and we have wept together and rejoiced together, as scripture says. I couldn't help but think of the word "authenticity". She is authentic - no highly spiritual dialogue, no flowery words, no trying to impress with her knowledge of scripture, no trying to fix problems. Just simply listening and sharing from her heart. The Lord was constantly in our discussion and we shared scripture. We were simply two friends walking through life together, sharing our journey and encouraging one another to keep on.

Do you have a friend like that? Are you a friend like that? How desperately I aim to be authentic. I am blessed to have several friends who are genuine, authentic, who I can go to at any time of day or night and ask for prayer and know that they are faithful. I endeavor to be the same kind of friend for them.

We are all reminded this week once again of how someone in the public eye was thought of as great, but his transgressions were brought to light. He is nothing like the man he has appeared to be on our TV screens and newspapers. My heart's desire is to be the "real deal", to be the same no matter who my audience is. May the fragrance of Christ permeate those around me for His glory.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Waiting on the Lord

Some days it seems that everywhere I turn, I am waiting. Especially at this time of year, there is a wait to check out at the grocery store. There is a wait to check out at Wal-Mart. There is a wait to get food at Chick-fil-A. Our younger daughter and son-in-law are waiting on a job. Our older daughter and son-in-law are waiting for improvement in their income and work schedules. Of course, we are also waiting for a new little granddaughter's entrance into the world. And I am waiting on a response to an email about a family matter.

I wonder how Mary felt as she waited on the birth of her son, the Saviour of the world. Any mother pregnant with child thinks the gestation period is a long time. But what about Mary? How long her days must have felt while anticipating the birth of this baby born to redeem the souls of men. Scripture tells us that she "pondered" things in her heart. No doubt she was a remarkable young woman to have been chosen by God to deliver His son. But the wisdom she must have had to be so young and yet so capable to handle the responsibility.

Perhaps instead of complaining about the waiting I am doing, maybe I should look for the Lord in what I am waiting on. The time might go faster and my character be transformed.